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Ava’s Office Solutions is a family run e-business created by a frustrated businessman (dad), mother (mom), and teacher/educator (brother). Of course, the star of the show and the head honcho is Ava, the office baby.

Our initial product, the push pin magnet, was designed to solve a problem that shook our home to its core, leaving us with few choices but to start our own business. Our inventory of pizza shop and church calendar magnets were not properly adhering pictures of Baby Ava on our fridge! Could there be any greater sin? We could stand it no longer, and out of this beast of a problem a beauty was born - Ava’s Office Solutions. So how do we divvy up our duties? Mom is primarily charged with running the customer service side of the business. Dad and Brother deal with both the suppliers and inventory management and all things web related. Ava mainly oversees the operation, and dictates large portions of the funds to diapers and baby chow.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service. We sincerely hope that our products offer solutions to issues that plague your home and office spaces. If you do not see what you are looking for – please do not hesitate to email us! We are always looking for product ideas and plan to roll out more great products in the near future. Should you have any questions or comments concerning anything then please give us a holler at the below email address.

E-Mail: jessica@avasofficesolutions.com



Quality Products

Our small, family owned-and-operated business allows us to ensure that all products are of the best quality possible. 


Best Customer Support

We're here to answer any and all inquiries--our goal is to ensure every purchase and delivery goes as smoothly as possible for you.